DIRT tax – exemptions

I am launching today a new section dedicated to Older people.

Here, I intend to post a range of ideas which may save you money, in the form of tax or otherwise.

Today I  start with DIRT tax :

People over 65

You can get your deposit interest paid without the deduction of DIRT or a DIRT refund, if you are over 65 and your (including your spouse’s):

  • Your income (including your spouse’s income) is below the low exemption limit or
  • Your tax liability (including your spouse’s) for the year is below your tax credits (including your spouse’s) for that year.

In general, joint accounts where one of the account holders is aged 65 or over will only qualify for the refund of DIRT if the other account holder is that person’s spouse.

However, if another person, such as your son or daughter, has the authority to operate your bank account on your behalf, and is named as an account holder for this purpose only, you will continue to qualify for the refund of DIRT provided you are the beneficial owner of the account. In this case, when claiming a refund of DIRT, you must include a declaration that you (not your child) are entitled to all of the interest paid in respect of the deposit.

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