E Registration

New Services

The eRegistration facility provided by Revenue now includes the following new services:

  • Re-Registration for Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Employers PAYE/PRSI and eLevy by both agents and registered ROS individuals. Re-registration for VAT and RCT cannot be accommodated in eRegistration and will continue to be a paper based activity.
  • New registration for Trusts and Partnerships.

As part of the additional facilities, the following features apply:

  • Where an agent sets up a link to a registration for more than one business tax, a single agent link letter will issue with multiple registrations rather than a single letter for each tax.
  • At least one contact details field must be completed for all new eRegistrations.

Take up on eRegistration

In excess of 2,000 transactions have been completed on eRegistration since last November. The main usage is for cancellations, with an ever increasing number of registrations.

Please note that from 1 June 2011, the availability of paper TR1 and TR2 forms will be limited and mainly confined to registrations not catered for in eRegistration.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos on eRegistration are currently available through www.Revenue.ie under Business Tax Topics on the Home Page.

Use of “tiff” image for authorisation letter

The requirement to use “tiff” as a file format has caused some difficulties. To address this, “pdf” as a file format [“pdf” is a more common default format on scanners] will be accepted by Revenue from 13 May 2011.