Changes to the Revenue on Line Service (ROS).

Revenue On-Line Service

An upgraded version of the ROS Offline facility (Version 6.3) is available to download. To do this, select Download followed by Refresh and then select Upgrade beside ROS Offline Launcher.

2008 Form CT 1
The Form CT1 for account periods ending in 2008 is now available for filing through ROS.

Form 1 (Trust & Estates)
The Form 1(Trust & Estates) is available for filing through ROS

Tax Clearance
A facility is available for ROS Business Customers and Agents to check if a Tax Clearance Certificate has issued. On the customers My Services page and on the agents Clients Services page, a Tax Clearance marker is displayed at the bottom right hand corner. If a Tax Clearance Certificate has issued, details of the issued and expiry dates will be displayed. If no Tax Clearance Certificate has been issued this will be stated.

A P60 template for 2008 onwards is available on the ROS online and offline application. This removes the need for customers to obtain Revenue stationery to print P60s.

Customers can now print up to 10 copies of P45 (1) (contained in a batch) from the ROS Inbox at the same time. A checkbox has been added to the ROS Inbox to allow customers choose the P45s to be printed. A search facility is available which allows customers to search the batch Inbox for a specific PPS number and display this P45 (1).

In response to feedback received, we will increase the printing limit to 50. A further e-Brief will issue when this development is available.

The annual DIRT return has been updated to allow the number of exempt accounts to be entered.

Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)
ROS had been updated to take account of the changeover from engine CC to CO2 emissions-based calculations from 1 July, 2008.