TAX BACK – Last chance for 2007

If you were a tax payer in 2007, and have not cliamed tax relief on certain items, you have until 31st December 2011 to apply.

Examples of what you may be entitled to tax relief on are :

  • Medical Expenses (relief up to 41%)
  • Service Charges 20%
  • 3rd Level fees 20%
  • Rent relief at 20%
  • Pension contributions (41%)
  • Medical insurance like VHI paid by your employer (20%)
  • Home Carer
  • Trade union subs etc.

If you are a married couple, and have not elected to be assessed jointly you may be underclaiming tax credits or cut off points.

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Don’t let your tax rebate laspse for 2007 !

We can review 2008-2010 as well if you find you have a refund coming your way.