Pre-Population of ROS Form 11 and ROS Form CT1 – Clarification

Revenue currently provides a facility for customers and agents to complete a pre-populated Form 11 for 2010 and Form CT1 for accounting periods ending in 2011. The facility is available in both ROS on-line and ROS off-line applications.

In ROS on-line mode the user is given the option to open or reject a pre-populated form. If the user chooses to reject it they will be presented with a blank form as before.

If the user wishes to complete a pre-populated form off-line, they must first download and save the pre-populated form from the ROS My Services and Client Services page of the Revenue website. When the form has been downloaded and saved, it may then be opened via the ROS off-line application. Once completed this form may then be uploaded in the normal way.

Revenue eBrief 20/11, dated 30 March 2011, contains more detailed information on pre-population.


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