Form RCT35 2009 Filing Information

Form RCT35 2009 Filing Information

Principal Contractors and their agents are reminded that the filing date for the 2009 RCT 35 is 15th February 2010. Blank Forms RCT35 for 2009 are now being issued.

Completing the Form RCT35

Attached is a link to the specimen version Form RCT35 for year 2009 onwards: pdfForm RCT 35 (PDF, 65 KB).

Your attention is drawn to the notes on Page 1 of the form in relation to completing the form and on how to proceed where errors are discovered while completing it.? See also e-Brief No.10/07 .

You are reminded that :

  • Forms that are not completed correctly will be returned for correction, which may result in your return missing the filing deadline.
  • The principal must sign the declaration.

If the Principal Contractor did not engage any sub-contractors during the period ended 31 December 2009,