Christmas presents from the Taxman…

Be it you are PAYE or self employed you can go back 4 years to review what tax you have paid to the Revenue Commissioners.

Never mind the fact there is only 32 sleeps till Christmas – more importantly you have until the 31st December to claim for any tax refund you might have for 2007.

Possible credits can be for unclaimed

  • Bin Charges
  • Medical Expenses – Doctors visits and perscriptions etc
  • 3rd level tuition fees (even outside of Ireland)
  • Insurance protection polices – e.g. income protection etc.
  • Home carers credit
  • Trade union subs
  • or more – see here for extensive list

So with November almost up, you should be looking at gathering your paperwork and submitting a claim before Christmas to get your application in on time.

We offer a no refund no fee facility so its a win win situation for you.

If we process your application and there is no refund we do not charge you.

If like with many applications, you are due a refund (average is €800), we charge a flat rate of 10% plus VAT.


Contact our office to today for an appointment and see if you will have a christmas present from the taxman.



or Telephone 071 91 47580