buying a house taxation issues

Buying a House FAQs

Do I need to tell the tax office if I buy a house?

Yes – you should inform the tax office as soon as possible so that all correspondence can be sent to your new address.

Can I claim tax relief on my mortgage?

Yes – if the house is situated in the State, Northern Ireland or Great Britain and is used as your sole or main residence.

What is a sole or main residence?

A sole or main residence is the residence which is your home for the greater part of the time. It does not have to be owned by you e.g. your parents’ residence may also be your sole or main residence, if you normally live there.

Does residence only mean a house?

No. It also includes:

  • A flat
  • Any garden or grounds of an ornamental nature which are used along with the house or flat
  • A Mobile Home/Caravan – provided it:
    • Is on a permanent site
    • Is of a reasonable size to fulfill the requirements of use as a permanent residence
    • Has electricity and other services supplied to it
    • Is immobilised (i.e. wheels removed and mounted on blocks).

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